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“The Calling” – Background

Near the Dire Woods of the Gray Vale, there lies a town called Loudwater. One particular night in 1479 DR, a strange magic entered the town and into the dreams of a few of the residents. The magic was powerful, controlled, and was “selective” in nature in that all in the town were not effected that night. The magic seemed to know who and what it wanted. These were not average town folk who fell victim to the powerful mind magic, but none other than the Loudwater heroes. On this particular night, the “selected” were awoke from a magical dream sleep only to find themselves in a dimly lit room with a pervasive heat unlike anything they ever experienced in Faerun. As the party’s eyes slowly adjusted, they noted that they were before a very strangely clothed old lady. The old woman called herself “The Chantle” and welcomed the party members to “Athas”. She referred to her home as the world of the red sun. “The Chantle” had mentioned something of being a part of a group known as the “Veiled Alliance” which practiced the arcane arts. She started referring to some cities unknown to the group and mentioned that they were ruled all by “Sorcerer Kings”. She indicated that her kind was considered outcasts by the ruling class of the land. She spoke of class distinction in the culture. A land where slavery and the slave market is driving the pulse of the land.

Before this “Chantle” was able to tell the party how or why they were brought to this place, the group was blinded by a brilliant white light. In that instance, the party heard the “Chantle” shout “Moon Priest”. Another voice was then heard in the room saying “Wicked woman, your calling has been witnessed; you will be taken to Tectu for blood sacrifice. Athas will soon claim your friends.” With that, the party heard a shuffling sound followed by a strange clashing before all was quiet again. When the parties vision returned, the old woman was gone and no trace of the woman’s demise or her capture was left.

The party quickly learns that it’s location is in a small Oasis known as Grak’s pool. Some provisions were gathered and the small band set off to learn why they were brought to this strange land and how they could get back.


Main Page

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