Dark Sun - "The Calling"

The White Dragon

8/13/2011 – The party decided to go off the bridge to a large room that was filled with the bones of creatures and humanoids. The party quickly met up with 3 Vampires and 2 Specters. The party strategy was excellent and the party dispatched the creatures with no members of the party going down.

During the rest near the bridge, the party was attacked by a Sword Wing who aptly dropped the cleric into the spears below. The 100 foot fall did not kill the hefty cleric who was picked up by Kalen the ever quick Monk who uses his Peter Pan flying shoes to save others.

The night ended with the party unlocking the double doors by figuring out the puzzle lock. The room was trapped with a few flaming nozzles which the party used to their advantage to dispatch a few Abyssal Maw Demons that were gaurdians to an Ancient White Dragon. Having lost its primary defenders, the dragon attacked the party. During the fight, only Varity was felled but the final outcome was a very weak and less a bunch of healing surges party. It really came down to the wire, but a quick banishment to another plane bought the party the time it needed to regroup and place themselves strategically for the final kill. The journey through the catacombs continues. Will they find Contoria?


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